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When the Forest Ran Red
Washington, Braddock & a Doomed Army

DVD cover of the French and Indian War classic, When the Forest Ran RedWhen the Forest Ran Red, the best-selling documentary DVD ever produced on young George Washington, has been called "the standard by which any effort to chronicle the French and Indian War will be measured." This 68-minute feature, shot where actual events occurred, tells of the opening days of the wilderness war that erupted between three empires for control of the Ohio Country in America. It begins with George Washington's involvement in the murder of a French military officer. It escalates as the French officer's brother leads a revenge attack on Washington at Fort Necessity. The story culminates in the march of British General Braddock over hundreds of miles of virgin wilderness to meet his fate at the Battle of the Monongahela, a brutal forest encounter that will change the course of American history. The French and Indian War has begun, with young George Washington in the middle of it all. Washington's experience in these years, through these battles, forms the foundation of his character and military career.

Winner of six national awards, syndicated to PBS affiliates across the United States, When the Forest Ran Red features:

  • Fred Anderson , Ph.D., author of the New York Times bestseller Crucible of War
  • R. David Edmunds , Ph.D., author of the Pulitzer Prize-nominated The Shawnee Prophet
  • Stephen Brumwell , Ph.D., author of the bestsellers Redcoats, White Devil, and Paths of Glory
  • Paul Kopperman , Ph.D., author of the French and Indian War classic Braddock at the Monongahela
  • The art of renowed Eastern Frontier artists Robert Griffing, John Buxton, Lee Teter, and Andrew Knez Jr.
  • Lavish, intense battle sequences shot on historic ground and featuring hundreds of extras

Braddock's Defeat as seen in the French and Indian War classic, When the Forest Ran RedRemastered and expanded in 2006, When the Forest Ran Red: The Ultimate Edition contains important special features, including the 50-minute video, A Fast and Dangerous Game, the mini-documentary, Making When the Forest Ran Red featurette, a rare interview with the author of Braddock at the Monongahela (the definitive book about Braddock's Defeat), deleted scenes, trailers for other Paladin documentaries, and tips for educators to enhance the classroom experience. The Ultimate Edition earned a Platinum Aurora Award for Educational DVD upon its release.

When the Forest Ran Red has been honored by the American Association of Museums and the American Association of State and Local History, and recognized by the Smithsonian Institution. Portions of When the Forest Ran Red were seen by thousands at the George Washington: The Man Behind the Myths exhibition at the Senator John Heinz Regional History Center in Pittsburgh.

The sequels George Washington's First War: The Battles for Fort Duquesne and Pursuit of Honor: The Rise of George Washington complete the Saga of Young George Washington...depicting the world-shaking events that produced the Indispensable Man who made the United States of America possible.

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