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We welcome your feedback on our documentaries--both praise and criticism. Write to us and include your name and location, and we'll print your comments below:


Teacher Forum

"History books by their nature must be brief and to the point, and thus very bland. When the Forest Ran Red brought an event that typically receives two paragraphs in a text ALIVE to my students for the first time. Students get a solid working foundation for the early years of the French and Indian War. George Washington and Edward Braddock become more than just vocabulary words--they become real people confronted with a life-and-death struggle at a critical moment in American history. Students get to see a young (imperfect) George Washington and other key players in the eventual American Revolution being caught up in events that will shape their careers and character.

When the Forest Ran Red will walk your students through historical land claims and competition for the Ohio Valley country, via incredible on-screen computerized graphics. It will introduce you to the historically forgotten, such as Tanagrisson (Half King), and Ensign Joseph Coulon de Villiers Jumonville. It will help your students piece together how a large military force can be overcome by a smaller one, when geography and tactics deem it so. Time period art, sketches, and re-creators are used to bring the ambush of Edward Braddock from outside of Fort Duquesne to the inside of your classroom! "

What I do is to use the entire video in all five of my classes. I use the script and remove a few key words for the students to fill in during the film. Then after the film, as we go over the answers, we get a chance to discuss the key topics."

Randy Goen
8th Grade U.S. History
Christian Junior High School
El Cajon, California
October 4, 2005

Viewer Forum

"Dear Paladin:  I watched your video When The Forest Ran Red yesterday for the umteenth time.    This morning I awoke early so I am now watching George Washington's Frist War.    I want to thank you for these videos and DVDs. I really have enjoyed them very much. This is an area that is not touched on by most historians. But this is a very important part of American history.    Thanks again."

Roger Ross
November 7, 2004

Student Forum

"Around the middle of November, our 7th grade Social Studies class watched an outstanding documentary of the French and Indian War, called When the Forest Ran Red. I thought this was a terrific movie. It had exceptional information and detail, some taken from diary excerpts of the soldiers who fought there, some taken from historians, and some gathered elsewhere. The re-enactments of the battles were amazing, and the soldiers and natives were very realistic. They set up the main battle (Braddock's Defeat) very well, describing the landscape, telling about how high emotions ran, and showing what some soldiers said in their diaries during the battle. It was an extremely bloody battle, and that was portrayed very well. Also, they do very good re-enactments of the other battles in the war, one fought at Fort Necessity, and one in a big open field where young George Washington made his big debut--by getting his butt kicked and having to surrender to the French and Indians!

One of the few things I didn't like about this movie, though, is that they don't go into the aftermath of the war very well. After the few remaining soldiers have rested after the battle where Braddock was killed and many more soldiers have arrived, they move on to storm a French fort at the forks of the Ohio River-Fort Duquesne. The British arrive to find a deserted fort that has been set on fire. They take control and build Fort Pitt in its place. That whole aspect was barely mentioned in the movie. But they do go into some other aspects of the aftermath, like what later happened to some of the more famous soldiers who fought in the war, like George Washington and Daniel Boone. So that sort of makes up for the part that was left out.

All in all, I thought it was an outstanding movie with great re-enactments and information. "

Carrie Blazina, Seventh Grade
Linton Middle School
Penn Hills School District
December 1, 2004


Paladin Note: To learn more about the aftermath of Braddock's Defeat, we recommend George Washington's First War, which picks up the story in the days and weeks following the fall of Braddock, and concludes with the end of the French & Indian War.








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