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About the Authors

Author Robert Matzen sits on the diving board at Mulholland Farm, March 1987The work of Robert Matzen as a screenwriter and director includes a trio of independent feature documentaries about young George Washington that earned national acclaim, as well as several films working with astronauts and senior leaders at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Robert Matzen's print work includes many articles about classic films and stars, and a biography of actress Carole Lombard. He appeared as an expert on the subject of Lombard in the BBC documentary, Living Famously: Clark Gable, and will soon appear in a BBC radio documentary on Errol Flynn in Cuba. Matzen was an acquaintance of several associates of Flynn, including second wife Nora Eddington, biographer Tony Thomas, ghostwriter Earl Conrad, and screen star Robert Stack. Matzen visited Mulholland Farm in March 1987. Errol Flynn Slept Here is his fourth book.


Author Michael Mazzone poses by the fireplace in the living room of Mulholland Farm, June 1987Michael Mazzone has been a researcher on Golden Age Hollywood for more than 30 years, specializing in John Barrymore, Lillian Gish, and Errol Flynnand Flynn's home studio, Warner Brothers, where Mazzone has gone behind the scenes. He is approached often to help authors writing about Flynn and other topics and has contributed to, among others, Thomas McNulty's Errol Flynn: The Life and Career.

The 100 photos that Mazzone took of the house and grounds at Mulholland Farm on his June 1987 visit served as a starting point for Errol Flynn Slept Here. This is his first book.

Photos: Above right, author Robert Matzen sits on the diving board at Mulholland Farm in March 1987; below right, author Michael Mazzone stands by the fireplace in the living room in June 1987.

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